Collection: Innovative Marine

  • NUVO Fusion Pro 2

    50 Gallons - Fusion Pro is IM's smallest AIO (All-In-One) aquarium offered. Modern, rimless tank forged to hide water filtration, heaters and equipment in the rear of the aquarium. Allowing for a distraction-less aquarium view while also having all equipment necessary for operations.

  • NUVO Shallow Reef Ready System (SR)

    60 - 80 Gallons - Largest AIO on the market. Robust, rimless aquarium with spacious size for endless design possibilities without the need to install a sump. SR AIOs have a built-in filtration system in the back that keeps equipment discreetly hidden and readily accessible.

  • NUVO Internal Reef Ready System (INT) (REEF READY)

    (50 - 200 Gallons) INT means it includes an "Internal" infinity coast-to-coast overflow and reef ready meaning it does require a sump. Water silently cascades through overflow weir and enters "Bean Animal" drain and flows to sump below for safe and silent operations.

  • NUVO External Reef Ready System (EXT) (REEF READY)

    50 - 200 Gallons - EXT means it includes an 'External" glass overflow which gives owners complete internal aquarium usability. Water flows through center weir and into a "Bean Drain" and flows into sump below for safe and silent operation.

  • Innovative Marine is a top of the line aquarium brand and have created 30+ models from All-in-One aquariums to reef ready. Explore options. 

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