Aqua Dream Refund Policy

Refund policy


  • After-Sales Return Policy for Fish Tank Products:
    You can contact us directly via email or phone for any after-sales services. This is the recommended method for all of our customers because it allows us to resolve the issue more quickly. If there are any issues with the quality of our tanks or our service, you will receive a full refund or free replacement after the product has been returned and inspected for defects within 60 days. If the issue is not directly related to our service or if we are not at fault, the tank can be replaced or refunded after all freight shipping fees are paid.
  • Aquadream Guarantees:
    A two-year limited liability warranty is included with our fish tanks. However, this does not include any labor and manual services or charges. If there is a quality defect during normal use, you can get a replacement or full refund within the 60-day return period. In addition, you are also eligible to be sent free replacement parts within 2 years of the delivery of your tank. In the event of any leakage or rupture of fish tanks that are caused by collisions and cannot be repaired without external force, we will replace them with free finished products. Any additional accessories can be sent within 10 years after the 30-day return period but only at the buyer’s expense.
  • Product Insurance:
    Our tanks are insured through American Farmers and the Kirk Dechert Insurance Agency. This insurance also includes any events or accidents that occur during the transportation of the tank and the use of the tank.
  • Shipping:
    Fish tanks are shipped within 2 business days. Delivery of the tanks also includes access to doorways at commercial addresses. Please be aware that additional charges may be applicable for delivery to residential addresses that require any indoor or lift-gate delivery or if you need any installation services.