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Red Sea REEFER Peninsula 500L G2+ (135 Gallons) (Black/Pearl White)

Red Sea REEFER Peninsula 500L G2+ (135 Gallons) (Black/Pearl White)

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Complete Reef

Complete Reef System Includes:

REEFER Peninsula 500L G2+ (Black/Pearl White)

1x Reef Automatic Top Off (ATO) - All REEFER MAX G2+ models come with the ReefBeat App-controlled ReefATO+ system, which keeps your water volume and salinity stable, and includes an accurate temperature monitor as well as a highly sensitive leak detector.

1x ReefMat 1200 - A fully automated,ReefBeat App-controlled roller filter that keeps your aquarium water crystal clear, with a unique mat replacement system that allows you to switch rolls with zero hassle.

1x Professional ReefSPEC Sump - The professional sump includes a removable mechanical filtration media compartment (with micron filters & filter cups), an optional refugium compartment, an adjustable height skimmer chamber for optimal skimmer performance, and a bubble trap to prevent air bubbles from returning to the aquarium. 

1x Set of Drain Piping - Assembly-ready piping. Hidden in overflow box with removable to for easy maintenance 

Dual return pump outlets, Surface skimmer, High precision valve, Chiller and hardware chamb

Deluxe Reef System

MAX Reef System

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Product Information: REEFER Peninsula G2+ (500 Liter) (135 Gallon)

Rimless reef-ready systems for advanced hobbyists 

If you’re looking to add the distinctive beauty of a Peninsula-style coral reef aquarium to your home or office, you don’t need a custom-built system to do so. Red Sea’s new REEFER™ Peninsula brings color and ambiance to any living or office space at a fraction of the cost of a custom installation.

Available in 125cm (49.2″) long/ 500 liter (132 gal) or 160cm (63″) long/650 liter (173 gal), the REEFER™ Peninsula offers an impressive and elegant room divider solution with all of the features of our advanced REEFER systems. A rimless, ultra-clear glass coral reef aquarium is formed into a perfect peninsula that gives you a fascinating view from all three sides, adding complexity and intrigue to any reefscape.

These 60cm (23.6″) high aquariums are set on stylish yet heavy duty cabinets* with epoxy painted finish on both sides. The cabinet includes a dedicated ventilated compartment for chiller and control systems and the doors may be assembled on either side of the cabinet to suit the layout of the room.

The REEFER™ Peninsula is also available in a Deluxe configuration incorporating the Red Sea’s all new ReefLED® 90 or 160S lights with Red Sea’s customized hanging system.

The unique design of the Peninsula with the overflow system at one end of the aquarium instead of at the center also makes it ideal for a room corner installation.

* Please note that the interior of the Peninsula cabinets has a black finish.

REEFER Concept

Red Sea REEFER series of Reef Systems provide advanced hobbyists with a solid foundation for building a fully featured reef or marine aquarium. 

The REEFER series combines a contemporary, rimless, ultra-clear glass aquarium with a stylish cabinet and a comprehensive water management system including a professional sump with integrated automatic top-up and Red Seas unique silent down-flow system. 

Incorporating technologies originally developed for Red Seas all-in-one MAX® coral reef systems, the REEFER series is designed for ease of operation while enabling the advanced hobbyist to install an unlimited choice of lighting, filtration, circulation and controllers to create a uniquely customized system. 

REEFER Peninsula Water Management System

Removable surface-skimming combs surround the top of the centrally located overflow box that houses the downpipe, sump return pipe and the discreet multi-directional eyeball return outlet nozzle.

In the event of a blockage in the regulated downpipe, an additional emergency overflow pipe provides an unrestricted free flow of aquarium water directly to the sump.

On entering the sump the water passes through a bank of 4 micron mechanical filter bags that slide out for ease of operation. The main compartment of the Peninsula sump includes an adjustable gate at the outlet that enables the water height in the chamber to be set at the optimal level for your skimmer, anywhere between 21 to 27cm.

A unique feature of this sump is that it is refugium ready. It comes with an optional dividing wall for the main compartment that can be installed in one of 2 positions. You can decide how much of the sump you want for your skimmer and other reactors and how much as a dedicated refugium chamber. In order to remove any air bubbles that may have escaped from the skimmer, the water passes through a bubble-stripping cascade on its way to the return pump chamber. 

To ensure a constant water level in the pump compartment, all REEFER sumps include an integrated automatic freshwater top-up unit,  guaranteeing a constant, stable water flow throughout the complete system. Supplied as a complete self-assembly kit, all pipe work is ready without the need for any gluing.

Complete/Deluxe/MAX Systems Inclusions:

Max Reef System Includes:

REEFER Peninsula 500L G2+ (Black/Pearl White)

2x ReefLED 160 Aquarium Lights

2x RL160 Mounting Arms

1x REEFER DC Skimmer 600

1x ReefMat 1200

2x ReefWave 45

2x ReefRun 7000

2x ReefRun Dual Controllers

1x Reef Automatic Top Off (ATO)

1x Professional ReefSPEC Sump

1x Set of Drain Piping

1x Slide-Out Control Panel 

1x Utility Basket

Complete Reef System Includes:

REEFER Peninsula 500L G2+ (Black/Pearl White)

1x Reef Automatic Top Off (ATO)

1x ReefMat 1200

1x Professional ReefSPEC Sump

1x Set of Drain Piping

Dual return pump outlets, Surface skimmer, High precision valve, Chiller and hardware chamber

Deluxe Reef System Includes:

Complete Reef System while also including 3x RL 160 LED Lights




REEFER™ Specification

REEFER™ aquariums are constructed from thick, beveled-edge, ultra-clear glass to support their elegant and modern rimless design.

The aquarium sits on a recessed base that “floats” it above the cabinet, which seamlessly follows the contour of the glass.

The marine-spec laminated cabinet that houses the sump, (and in the larger models also includes a dedicated, vented space for chillers) is smartly finished with weatherproof, epoxy-painted doors.


REEFER Peninsula 500 Liter

Total System Water Volume

137.1 gal
Display Tank Water Volume 108.8 gal
In-Cabinet Sump Water Volume 28.8 gal
Display Tank Length 49.2 "

Display Tank Width

25 "

Display Tank Height (excluding light unit)

23.6 "

Total System Height

63 "

Ultra-Clear Front Glass

0.59 "

Ultra-Clear Side Glass

0.59 "

Bottom Glass

0.59 "

ReefLED Advanced Light System

2x ReefLED 160 (Deluxe/Max) or 3x ReefLED 160 (Deluxe) Included
Water Circulation
2x ReefWave45 (3,960 gph) Linear Wave Pumps -  Included
 Main System Pump
1x ReefRun 7000 (800-1900 gph) Included
Protein Skimmer

RSK DC 600 (Water flow 530 gph air flow 235 gph) Included


ReefMat 1200 Included

ReefATO+ Kit
ReefATO+ Ready Included

Slide-Out Control Panel

Slide Out Control Panel 60 Included

Manuals & Videos: 

REEFER G2+ Series (Video)

REEFER Max Series (Video)


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Once the order is shipped from the Red Sea facility, you will receive a shipment number, and the transportation service will contact you to arrange a suitable delivery window. Please note that once the order is submitted to Red Sea, canceling any items on the order incurs a restocking fee. It's important to mention that Red Sea tanks can only be shipped to the contiguous 48 United States.

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