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Red Sea

Red Sea - REEFER G2+ 170L Complete Reef System (45 Gallon) (White/Black)

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Product Description - REEFER G2 (170L) (45)

Perfect Foundation for Any Thriving Reef Aquarium

Designed as the perfect reefscaping canvas, REEFER G2+ tanks combine REEF-SPEC infrastructure with the freedom to install all your preferred hardware.

REEFER G2+ systems come with new & improved water management, extra-fortified cabinets & aquariums, REEF-SPEC ReefMat-ready sumps, they include the ReefATO+ system as standard and an optional 5-year extended warranty.

REEFER G2+ SYSTEMS come in a huge variety of sizes (from 170 L / 45 gal to 1000 L / 264 gal), and are the ideal platform for the full “Red Sea Experience”, combining our LED lighting, wave pumps, dosers, and filtration devices into one smart, synchronized eco-system operated via the ReefBeat App.

Explore Features:

Rimless ultra-clear glass

REEFER G2+ aquariums are rimless, and constructed from ultra-clear, beveled-edge glass with increased thickness of up to 19 mm or 0.75”. 

Rimless ultra-clear glass img 0

Extra fortified plywood cabinet

The marine-spec laminated cabinets follow the contour of the glass, and are now all fortified and made of plywood. The “floating tank” feature is now reinforced with front aluminum supports on all REEFER 625 G2+ models and bigger.

Dual return pump outlets

All REEFER 350 G2+ models and bigger now have dual side-facing return pump outlets, creating an even better water distribution.

Surface skimmer

The piping is hidden inside a large central overflow box, which has a large surface skimmer with removable comb parts, for easy cleaning.

Surface skimmer img 0

Silent download system

The enlarged rectangular inlet to the downflow pipe (on models up to REEFER 625) reduces turbulence, making it easier to regulate.

Assembly-ready piping

All pipes are preformed with quick connectors at all joints (no gluing required). Bulkhead connectors suitable for both Metric and USA standard pipes can be purchased separately, allowing you to customize your sump piping.

High precision valve

All models now have a new and improved high precision valve on the downflow pipe, allowing for easy regulation of the flow and a near silent operation.

High precision valve img 0

Professional REEF-SPEC sump

The professional sump includes a removable mechanical filtration media compartment (with micron filters & filter cups), an optional refugium compartment, an adjustable height skimmer chamber for optimal skimmer performance, and a bubble trap to prevent air bubbles from returning to the aquarium.


The easily removable mechanical filtration compartment allows for a quick Plug & Play installation of the ReefMat 500/1200.


All REEFER G2+ models come with the state-of-the-art ReefATO+, which keeps your water volume and salinity stable, and includes an accurate temperature monitor as well as a highly sensitive leak detector. *Reservoir not included.

Chiller & harder chamber

Most models come with an additional chamber that can be used for a chiller, controllers and other equipment.


Uniquely designed with light intensity and spectrum that are 100% utilized by corals, the ReefBeat App-controlled ReefLED provides optimal growth, vivid colors, and an elegant gentle shimmer throughout the aquarium.

ReefLED img 0


The ReefBeat App-controlled ReefWave provides an optimal REEF-SPEC water flow for corals in a wide range of reefscapes, combining a smooth running and energy-efficient sine-wave motor drive with superior vibration damping mounts and dual bearings.


The ReefBeat App-controlled REEFER DC Skimmers include self-leveling technology that prevents over-skimming and prevents full cups from spilling while continuing to aerate the water.

ReefRun DC Pump

The ReefBeat App-controlled ReefRun DC Pumps can be set to a customized daily schedule, and come with 360-degree rotating outlets, inlet flow guides, extra-long power cables with convenient connectors next to the pump, and a 5-year warranty.


A fully automated,ReefBeat App-controlled roller filter that keeps your aquarium water crystal clear, with a unique mat replacement system that allows you to switch rolls with zero hassle.

ReefMat img 0


All REEFER MAX G2+ models come with the ReefBeat App-controlled ReefATO+ system, which keeps your water volume and salinity stable, and includes an accurate temperature monitor as well as a highly sensitive leak detector.

Control Panel

Provides easy mounting and access for controllers and other equipment. *Actual color of cabinet interior and control panel is black.

REEFER 170 Liter

Total system water volume

43.6 gal
Display tank water volume 33.8 gal
In-Cabinet sump water volume 9.8 gal
Display tank length 23.6 "

Display tank width

19.7 "

Display tank height (excluding light unit)

20.1 "

Total system height

53.9 "

Ultra-clear front glass

0.39 "

Ultra-clear side glass

0.47 "

Bottom glass

0.39 "

ReefLED advanced light system

1 x ReefLED 90 - included
Water circulation
1 x ReefWave25 (1,980 gph) linear wave pumps - included
Main system pump
1x ReefRun 5500 (530-1450 gph) - included
Protein Skimmer
RSK DC 300 (Water flow 265 gph air flow 130 gph) - included
ReefMat 500 included
ReefATO+ Kit Included

Slide out control panel

Slide-out control panel 25 Included
Manuals & Videos:

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REEFER Max Series (Video)

REEFER 170 & 200 G2+ Cabinet & Aquarium Manual

REEFER G2+ Series (Operation Manual)

REEFER 170 G2+ (Sump Dimensions)

REEFER 170 G2+/ 200 G2+ (Cabinet Drawings) 

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