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Red Sea Max Nano Cube Peninsula Complete Aquarium (26 Gallons)

Red Sea Max Nano Cube Peninsula Complete Aquarium (26 Gallons)

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Complete Reef

Complete Reef System Includes:

REEFER Peninsula 500L G2+ (Black/Pearl White)

1x Reef Automatic Top Off (ATO) - All REEFER MAX G2+ models come with the ReefBeat App-controlled ReefATO+ system, which keeps your water volume and salinity stable, and includes an accurate temperature monitor as well as a highly sensitive leak detector.

1x ReefMat 1200 - A fully automated,ReefBeat App-controlled roller filter that keeps your aquarium water crystal clear, with a unique mat replacement system that allows you to switch rolls with zero hassle.

1x Professional ReefSPEC Sump - The professional sump includes a removable mechanical filtration media compartment (with micron filters & filter cups), an optional refugium compartment, an adjustable height skimmer chamber for optimal skimmer performance, and a bubble trap to prevent air bubbles from returning to the aquarium. 

1x Set of Drain Piping - Assembly-ready piping. Hidden in overflow box with removable to for easy maintenance 

Dual return pump outlets, Surface skimmer, High precision valve, Chiller and hardware chamb

Deluxe Reef System

MAX Reef System

Why Buy From ClearTankIsland

Product Information: Max Nano Cube Peninsula (26)

All-in-one Plug & Play reef systems

MAX NANOs come fully equipped with everything needed to sustain a reef aquarium, sparing you from dealing with component selection or compatibility.

Every piece of equipment incorporated in the system was designed on the basis of Red Sea’s 30 years of research on the needs of corals in artificial environments, resulting in optimal coral growth and coloration.

MAX NANOs are ideal for first-timers who want to experience what it’s like to grow their own corals, as well as advanced reefers interested in a tank that won’t consume too much space or time.

Explore Features:

Surface Skimmer

The surface skimmer enables highly effective filtration by ensuring that only water from the aquarium surface is passed to the rear filtration compartment. The surface skimmer is easily removable for periodic cleaning.

 Surface skimmer img 0

Pump Power Central

The MAX NANOs have a built-in power center with conveniently located on/off switches for the skimmer and circulation pumps, enabling easy access for feeding and maintenance.

ReefLED Lighting

The MAX NANOs incorporate Red Sea’s ReefLED 50 light, that has a light intensity and spectrum that is 100% utilized by the corals, ensuring optimal coral growth and coloration. In addition, the ReefLED 50 has a Moonlight channel to provide low levels of light for reef-safe nighttime viewing.

 ReefLED lighting img 0 

Automatic Top-Off

An automatic top-off unit with a 1.5 liter/ 0.4 gal freshwater reservoir (hidden behind the screen above the sump) maintains a constant water level, and is sufficient for approximately 3 days of evaporation.

Rotatable Rear Sump Screen

The rotatable screen allows easy access to the rear filtration compartment sump, while ensuring that the aquarium’s aesthetics are undisturbed.

Ultra-Clear Glass

MAX NANO aquariums have a rimless design and are made from 8 mm, ultra-clear glass, which provides a superb viewing experience.

 Ultra-clear glass img 0

Micron Filter Bag

The 225 micron filter bag removes large waste particles from the water.

Protein Skimmer

The heart of the filtration system is Red Sea’s NANO protein skimmer that efficiently removes organic waste from the water. 

Multidirectional Eyeball Nozzle

The filtered water returns to the display tank via a multidirectional, adjustable eyeball nozzle, ensuring there are no stagnant spots within the aquarium. 

 Multidirectional eyeball nozzle img 0

Dedicated Media Chamber

The rear sump includes a dedicated media chamber for additional chemical filtration, such as Red Sea’s REEF-SPEC carbon, that is supplied with the MAX NANO.

Bubble Trap Sponge

The bubble trap sponge prevents air bubbles from returning to the aquarium.

Circulation Pump

The 950 liter per hour Sicce return pump circulates the entire system water volume about 10 times an hour.

 Circulation pump  img 0 

Marine Spec Cabinet (optional)

The MAX NANOs are available with an optional marine-spec laminate cabinet fronted with weatherproof epoxy painted doors, convenient push openers and soft close stainless steel hinges. MAX NANO cabinets are offered with Black or White exteriors.


Both NANO models are supplied with 100 grams of Red Sea’s REEF-SPEC carbon, enough to maintain crystal clear water for the first 2 months.

User Manuals & Videos:

Max Nano Cube Peninsula - Cabinet Dimensions

Max Nano Cube Peninsula - Cabinet & Aquarium Assembly Manual

Max Nano Cube Peninsula - Aquarium Manual

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