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Red Sea

Red Sea REEFER XL 300L G2+ Complete/Deluxe/MAX Reef Aquarium (80 Gallons) (Black/Pearl White)

Red Sea REEFER XL 300L G2+ Complete/Deluxe/MAX Reef Aquarium (80 Gallons) (Black/Pearl White)

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Complete Reef

Complete Reef System Includes:

  • REEFER XL G2+ (Pearl White/Black)
  • 1x Reef Automatic Top Off (ATO)
  • 1x Professional ReefSPEC Sump
  • 1x Set of Drain Piping
  • Dual return pump outlets
  • Surface skimmer
  • High precision valve
  • Chiller and hardware chamber 

Deluxe Reef System

Deluxe Reef System Includes:

Complete Reef System while also including 1x RL90 LED Lights (2x RL90 Lights with 250 or 300 Model)

  • REEFER XL G2+ (Pearl White/Black)
  • 1x Reef Automatic Top Off (ATO)
  • 1x Professional ReefSPEC Sump
  • 1x Set of Drain Piping
  • Dual return pump outlets
  • Surface skimmer
  • High precision valve
  • Chiller and hardware chamber

MAX Reef System

Max Reef System Includes:

  • REEFER XL G2+ (Pearl White/Black)
  • 1x ReefLED 90 Aquarium Light (2x ReefLED's with 250 or 300 Model)
  • 1x RL90 Mounting Arms
  • 1x Professional ReefSPEC Sump
  • 1x Reef Automatic Top Off (ATO)
  • 1x REEFER DC Skimmer 300
  • 1x ReefMat 250 (ReefMat 500 on 300 Liter G2 Model)
  • 1x ReefWave 25
  • 1x ReefRun 5500
  • 1x ReefRun Dual Controllers
  • 1x Set of Drain Piping
  • 1x Slide-out Control Panel 25
  • 1x Utility Basket
Why Buy From ClearTankIsland

Product Information: REEFER XL G2+ Smart Aquarium (300 Liters) (80 Gallons)

A Perfect Foundation For Any Thriving Reef Aquarium 

REEFER G2+ Offers an Optimal Setup Create your ideal reef environment. Its advanced features and customizable setup make it a flexible choice for aquarists.

Offers Enhanced Water management, advanced cabinet & aquarium fortification, and integrated ReefMat-compatible sumps. Make Adjustments with the ReefBeat app allows for a variety of customizations from the touch of a finger.  Each system includes the ReefATO+ system as standard, with an optional 5-year extended warranty available.

Shipped Directly

Systems Offer a Wide Range of Capacities From 170L/45gal to 1000L/264gal, ideal for the Red Sea Experience. Incorporating LED lighting, wave pumps, dosers, and filtration devices, the ReefBeat App lets you manage and synchronize the entire eco-system.


Generation 2 REEFER system makes successful reef keeping accessible to anyone from new reef-keepers to successful hobbiest.

REEFER G2+ (Black/Pearl White)

Crafted with precision, this rimless aquarium boasts a construction using ultra-clear glass adorned with bevelled edges. The glass is elevated in thickness, measuring up to an impressive 19 mm or 0.75 inches, ensuring durability and a crystal-clear viewing experience.

Tailored for excellence, the cabinets for aquariums feature marine-spec laminates meticulously tracing the glass contours. These cabinets, fashioned entirely from plywood for robustness and a sophisticated appearance, now come equipped with epoxy-painted doors, providing both durability and style. The inclusion of levelable feet ensures stability, while stainless steel hinges add a touch of resilience.

For larger models, structural strength receives an extra boost from reinforced aluminum supports, elevating the overall durability and stability of these aquarium cabinets.

ReefLED Aquarium Lighting (with RL Mounting Arms)

Delivering unparalleled performance, the ReefLED sets itself apart with its distinctive design, dedicated to providing reef-safe lighting and promoting optimal coral growth.

Seamlessly controlled through the ReefBeat App, this lighting system revolutionizes the aquarium experience. Engineered with a remarkable light intensity reaching 500-550 PAR at the surface level, it ensures corals receive an ideal blend of spectrum and brightness. The outcome goes beyond mere growth, as the vibrant colors and elegant shimmer add a touch of sophistication to the entire aquarium.

Complementing this advanced lighting system are the RL Mounting Arms, featuring a custom mounting system that securely attaches to the tank's rear wall. These arms can be effortlessly rotated to an upright position during reef scaping or other tank maintenance, providing flexibility and ease of access.


The REEFER DC Skimmer stands out as an efficient, quiet, and intelligent enhancement for your aquarium arrangement. Managed seamlessly via the ReefBeat App, these skimmers feature self-leveling technology to prevent over-skimming, ensuring that full cups won't spill while maintaining essential water aeration. The incorporation of cup overflow sensors adds an extra layer of control and convenience to the system.

With the inclusion of the potent PSK DC Skimmer Pump, these skimmers guarantee optimal performance. Further enhancing their appeal, vibration-reducing connectors and feet contribute to the overall quiet operation of this intelligent and efficient skimming system.

Moreover, the skimmers boast optimal waste removal capabilities with self-leveling technology, a proportionally sized venturi, a bubble diffuser, and a reaction body that optimizes air-water contact time. The diffusion chamber evenly disperses fine bubbles via the PSK DC pump, maintaining a consistent flow of both air and water without compromise.

Introducing the ReefMat

Hassle-free solution for aquarium enthusiasts, ensuring easy setup, easy maintenance, and featuring a solid-state sensor. This fully automated roller filter, controlled by the ReefBeat App, guarantees crystal-clear aquarium water with its unique mat replacement system, allowing you to switch rolls effortlessly.

The ReefMat is designed for simplicity – it's a plug & play, fully automated, and smart fleece roller filter that maintains pristine aquarium water for extended periods. Tailored with the hobbyist in mind, it boasts an easy fleece-mat replacement system, enabling roll switches without the need to remove the filter from the sump or turn off the pumps.

ReefBeat, the comprehensive smart ecosystem, integrates all of Red Sea’s smart devices, offering control at your fingertips. Providing peace of mind, a quick glance updates you on the status of all your devices. The ReefMat goes above and beyond by informing you of the exact length of the used mat, its average usage, and maintaining a daily log.

Efficiency is paramount, and the ReefMat delivers with high-flow, skimmer-friendly, non-woven polyester fleece-mat rolls. Note: Suitable for seawater aquariums only.

To further enhance your ReefMat experience, the Sump Modification Kit is tailored for easy sump preparation. The kit includes highly flexible, ultra-thin blades for cutting through silicone joins and a small scraper for a tidy finish. All parts are suitable for use in saltwater, but it's essential to use protective gloves and eye protectors during the process. 

Enter the ReefWave

Revolutionary addition to your aquarium with its silent operation, easy setup, and maintenance, incorporating Sine-Wave technology and accessible through WIFI on the ReefBeat App.

Controlled seamlessly through the ReefBeat App, the ReefWave ensures an optimal REEF-SPEC water flow for corals across various reefscapes. Its innovative design combines a smoothly running and energy-efficient Sine-Wave motor drive with advanced vibration damping mounts and dual bearings, resulting in a nearly silent pulsing wave pump. This cutting-edge technology, based on patented cross-flow technology, makes the ReefWave smart pumps not only silent but also smart, powerful, and easy to maintain.

The Sine-Wave DC control motor, known for its silent and energy-efficient operation, powers the ReefWave. With 5 programmable wave patterns, including unique Forward/Reverse/Alternating flow modes, it provides a gentle and evenly distributed flow through cross-flow technology. The assembly and disassembly process for maintenance is hassle-free.

Each ReefWave pump can be controlled locally through its dedicated controller or remotely via the built-in Wi-Fi, seamlessly connecting to the ReefBeat app. The ReefBeat app facilitates easy setup, operation, monitoring, and notifications, ensuring a customizable and user-friendly experience. The app allows you to synchronize multiple pumps of different sizes, create a wave schedule, and even set up a feed mode to temporarily halt waves during feeding.

With ReefBeat, peace of mind is at your fingertips, as it stays in contact with you through notifications and customizable wave schedules, offering a comprehensive solution for aquarium enthusiasts.


Cornerstone of all REEFER MAX G2+ models, seamlessly integrated with the ReefBeat App to ensure stability in your aquarium's water volume and salinity. This 3-in-1 system is a combination of a highly reliable and intelligent Auto Top-Off (ATO), a precise temperature monitor, and a sensitive leak detector.

The ReefATO+ excels in maintaining a consistent salinity and water volume by automatically replenishing water lost through evaporation. Beyond this, it serves as a comprehensive health monitor for your aquarium, offering a fully-featured digital temperature monitor and a highly sensitive leak detector. The ATO sensor features a slim-line, multi-input, titanium probe and a solid-state (EC Technology) water level sensor, complemented by a built-in digital thermometer accurate to 0.1 degree.

The ATO pump, with its variable flow, is both quiet and efficient, ensuring a serviceable performance (6-10w). The Leak Detector, constructed with REEF-SPEC titanium probe technology, is highly sensitive, triggering notifications on the ReefBeat App along with an audible alarm for optimal awareness.

Driving the system is a Smart Controller, a micro-processor that monitors and controls all components, seamlessly connecting them to the ReefBeat eco-system. The ReefATO+ comes with a complete installation kit, featuring a fool-proof (solid-state EC technology) water level sensor with a built-in safety shutoff. The system is designed for automatic shut-down under various circumstances, including a disconnected sensor, prolonged pump operation, depletion of the RO reservoir, or the detection of a leak, ensuring the safety and health of your aquarium.

ReefRun DC Pump

Sophisticated addition to your aquarium, seamlessly controlled through the ReefBeat App. These smart pumps can be tailored to a personalized daily schedule, offering advanced features for optimal performance.

Equipped with 360-degree rotating outlets, inlet flow guides, and extra-long power cables with conveniently located connectors next to the pump, the ReefRun DC Pump ensures flexibility and ease of use. Additionally, it comes with a robust 5-year warranty, providing peace of mind and long-lasting reliability.

For enhanced control, integrate both a ReefRun DC Pump and a REEFER DC Skimmer into your ReefRun Dual Controller. This integration allows you to manage your pump through ReefBeat, enabling customized Feed, Maintenance, and Emergency mode Quick Actions. Receive notifications for potential issues such as running dry, disconnection, or malfunctioning.

Whisper-Quiet Downflow System

The enhanced rectangular inlet incorporated into the downflow pipe significantly diminishes sensitivity to waterflow variations, resulting in a downflow system that operates in near silence.

Bulkhead Connector Kits

For added customization, bulkhead connectors compatible with both Metric and USA standard pipes are available separately. This flexibility allows you to tailor your sump piping to meet your specific requirements.

High Precision Valve

All models now feature an upgraded high precision valve on the downflow pipe, facilitating effortless flow regulation and contributing to an exceptionally quiet operation.

Dual Side-Facing Return Pump Outlets & Large Overflow Box

Maximize water circulation and surface skimming efficiency with dual side-facing return pump outlets and a generously sized overflow box. This design ensures optimal water circulation, making it a powerful addition to your aquarium setup.

Order Your REEFER G2+ Today!

Seamless ordering through MyREEFER not only simplifies the process but also grants you the flexibility to add or remove devices, customize your aquarium package, and enjoy exclusive discounts. Elevate your aquarium experience with the advanced features of the REEFER MAX G2+.

Features REEFER XL 300 Liter

Total system water volume

90.3 gal

Display tank water volume

72.1 gal

In-Cabinet sump water volume

18 gal

Display tank length

47.2 "

Display tank width

19.7 "

Display tank height (excluding light unit)

20.9 "

Total system height

55.1 "

Ultra-clear front glass

0.47 "

Ultra-clear side glass

0.59 "

Bottom glass

0.47 "

ReefLED advanced light system

2x ReefLED 90 Included

Water circulation

2x ReefWave 25 (1,980 gph) linear wave pumps included

Main system pump

1x ReefRun 5500 (530-1450 gph) included

Protein Skimmer

RSK DC 300 (Water flow 265 air flow 130 gph) included


ReefMat 500 included

ReefATO+ Kit


Slide out control panel

Slide-out control panel 60 included
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